Friday, July 10, 2009

From Metropolitan Philip: "Nevermind"

We have seen in the last few months the tragic result of what can be wrought at the hands of an Orthodox Hierarch who has drunk from the cup of Ecumenism. When the Canons of the Church are independently interpreted to accomplish the whims of an individual, parish, priest, bishop, or patriarch, the whole Church suffers.

Metropolitan Philip has reversed himself on his aggressive and noncanonical agenda to demote the Bishops in North America. His reversal has all the honor of having said, "Ah, I was just kidding guys. You can still be Bishops." All must realize that since the Metropolitan didn't have the right to de-Bish the Bishops to begin with, his "reversal" is just as offensive and smacks of self-preservation. There was nothing to reverse except his advancement toward a totalitarian papist regime which he fought to set up. The attempted coup failed and the kingdom he built on sand is eroding.

We have discovered that the Antiochian Synod in Damascus NEVER authorized what Philip Saliba attempted to do, and that documents were forged to advance his independent, fraudulent agenda.

The Metropolitan's actions are clearly grounds
for deposition if ever there were any.

The Bishops of the Church of Antioch should move now to send the Metropolitan into retirement, especially in light of what else has been discovered in this flurry of controversy. There are things that have remained in the shadows for years that have now come into the light. Those who have been under the heavy thumb of this heretical ecumenist have now been embolden to speak for the right. Each will have to answer to God and to the Church as to why they did not speak up before, but thank God their voices are no longer silent. Respect is due to Orthodox for Accountability led by Mark Stokoe who has followed this issue with all the skill and thoroughness of an investigative journalist. There is much more to be revealed and I have found this OCA website to be astoundingly meritorious in its coverage.

The Metropolitan's "Nevermind" statement will do little to quiet matters, for the damage is done and other issues surrounding his tenure, and that is what it is-a tenure, will now be addressed.

1. Why do at least two of the Metropolitan's entourage on the recent trip to Damascus, have a legal history of fraudulent practices?
2. Who forged the documents and who knew they were forged?

3. What will be done to the Metropolitan's Trustee and supporter who issued a written physical threat to Bishop Mark?

4. Armed guards at a Parish Life Conference?!

5. Why are there seemingly more Diocesan Trustees than the law allows?

6. Why has Metropolitan Philip reinstated a Bishop who is a convicted sex offender?

The North American Synod has an opportunity to clean the house that has been tainted. They would be wise not to focus on healing the house until it is cleaned. If the disease remains, there will still be illness.

Clean the house and healing will come.

House cleaning and healing, while Metropolitan Philip holds the keys to the house, does not seem possible, for that would require true repentance on his part.

There is a loud voice that is raised up during times like these that suggests that such talk is somehow unseemly. I have been accused of acting like a Baptist Deacon in regard to Metropolitan Philip. All would do well to reread the lives of the saints who have fought to preserve the purity of the faith when errant Bishops have arisen. This included the righteous laymen who would not be silent. This is such a time. This is a moment in history that, should the Second Coming of our Lord tarry, we will read about years from now. Will we read that good and faithful Bishops stood up and swept the house clean of that which had defiled it or that once the heat had died down they were content to dine with the one who had defiled it?

Outside observers have referred to the Metropolitan's reign as mafioso in nature. I initially resisted such characterization as being too strong. The recent evidence and disclosure of the nature of the man and those around him, including fear, intimidation, threats, and greed, has caused me to reconsider the merit of such an observation. Yes, he may have been a good man and done good things, but the current action of the man is destructive and is threatening the existence and future of the Antiochian Diocese. So, do we allow Philip to fiddle while the Dioceses burns or do we yank the instrument from his hands and sprinkle holy water on the flames? The Church is the Lord's, not the Metropolitan's! All good men and women who love the Lord and His Holy Church must pray that God will bring a man of holiness and selflessness to replace the one who has fallen for fallen he has and pride came before the fall.

Pray for the soul of Metropolitan Phillip, but pray also that his days be few and another take his office.

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  1. Good evening, brother Nathan! Perhaps the most important article yet written about the crisis in Antioch was just posted on The Ochlophobist and on Notes on Arab Orthodoxy. Here is a link to this important posting by Archimandrite Touma (Bitar).


    Columba Silouan


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