Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Let's Continue To Worship, And You Start Throwing Your Beach Balls"

Another trend in evangelical Christianity...Beach balls...

When your heart grows weary and you've had enough, come home to the faith of our Fathers. The Holy Orthodox Church, where truth is valued over trends.


  1. Anonymous1:25 AM

    Instead of complaining about other churches, how about telling us what is so great and wonderful about your church? You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

  2. Anon, There are almost 400 articles on the JTO blog dating back to 2006, many of which tell of the greatness and wonderfullness of the original church established by Christ and His Disciples(Search For Other Articles tab.) The fact that apologetics are used to illustrate the barreness and humanistic practices of man-made denominations, is valid. This is no different than that which the Apostles and the Fathers of the Faith have done in defending the faith and pointing out heresy. Were they "complaining" as you say? The subject here is the nature of worship or the lack thereof in modern evangelicalism. Do you care to comment on that, rather than just attack the messenger?

    Suggested JTO reading: "My Apologies For Slamming."

  3. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Isn't Apologetics defending your beliefs, not about complaining about others? And that wasn't meant the way you took it, as a personal attack. Was just trying to pass on some advice that if you want to attract people to your church you have to talk about what is so great about it and how it makes you a better person and how it satisfies you and all that.

  4. Anon, Your second comment is a restatment of your first. I already responded. You have yet to comment on Beach Balls in church and other such bizarre worship innovations.

    Did you read the article to which I referred you for an explanation of Apologetic discourse?

    I appreciate your interest in this matter and your seemingly sincere desire for right conduct.

  5. Anon, for an example of one way Christ issued a "complaint" read:

    To follow your argument He should have stood in the Temple and talked about how great and Holy the temple was rather than whipping up on and turning over tables.

    Of course I am just pointing out heresies and errors in psuedo churches...I don't own a whip.

    Anon...the beach balls?

  6. Ithink it's very important to point out these heresies and errors in psuedo churches and it is not a complaint.
    My wife came from such communities. My wife said she thought that to worship god was to entertain, to worship god is to perform self consolation, joy, happy happy yayaya happy yeyeye until she herself thought there were something wrong with such worship.
    I myself was from muslim before my conversion to Orthodoxy so I do not much know about this. But if even I saw this before my conversion I also would think Christian worship was not supposed to be like this, at least I know this was not true worship.
    Thank you for pointing out this so we may be more careful against the heresies and pray for them.

  7. Timotheos, Christ is Born! Thank you for understanding. I would love to hear your perspective on some of my posts on Muslims.

  8. Let all the nation glorify Him!
    I would love to. With my pleasure.

  9. Nathan — you are nothing but a beach ball basher.

    Note: The above comment was said with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

  10. Chip, I also have a grudge against those Water Log Noodles. They can really hurt when thrown from a church balcony.


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