Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Useful Idiots

"Through the years, many famous people, including politicians, sport figures, millionaires and Hollywood luminaries have been going to Cuba and allow themselves to be used by Castro's propaganda machine. Many have done it out of sheer ignorance; some have done it because they are dumb; and some others because they are benefiting economically from their association with this brutal dictator. 
It is a great propaganda tool for the Castro regime. Cubans who are enslaved by this brutal dictator are told that they can't expect much international help when all these famous people are going there to make jokes, play games or show their support for the dictator. Some day, these people will have to hang their head in shame for having used their names and fame to support Castro's genocide against the Cuban people.

Here is what some of the useful idiots have said:

Supermodel Naomi Campbell said Fidel Castro was "a source of inspiration to the world. "I'm so nervous and flustered because I can't believe I have met him. He said that seeing us in person was very spiritual," said Campbell after meeting with Castro, according to the Toronto Star.

Comedian Chevy Chase, at Earth Day 2000 in Washington D.C., said he believes "socialism works" and explained that "Cuba might prove that."

Kevin Costner after going to Cuba in 2001 to preview his film "13 Days": "It was an experience of a lifetime to sit only a few feet away from him and watch him relive an experience he lived as a very young man."

"He is a genius. We spoke about everything," actor Jack Nichols after meeting with Castro in 1998. Saul Landau, an Emmy award-winning filmmaker: Castro "has brought a greater equality in terms of wealth distribution than I guess any country in the world today."

Film director Steven Spielberg visited Cuba and met with Castro in November of 2002 and dined with the dictator until the early morning hours. Afterward, Spielberg announced that his dinner with Castro "was the eight most important hours of my life." Not the day of his wedding. Not the day that his kids were born. The most important hours of his life was the time that he spent with this criminal. Click here to read more about Spielberg's visit to Havana.

Ralph Nader: "Nader also spoke in favor of abandoning a 40-year-old US trade embargo against Cuba, saying the United States should treat Cuba as it treats China. He said the two nations should also launch a dialogue on the meaning of democracy." Click here'

The most recent Useful Idiot? 
[Idiot: Informal: an utterly foolish or senselesserson.]

August 13, 2011 23:30
Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill congratulates Fidel Castro on his 85th birthday anniversary.

"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools."

 Monsieur Fidel Castro   
Dear Comandante!

(Google Translation) On the day of the glorious 85th anniversary, please accept my warmest congratulations and wishes for good health. Your life is a shining example of selfless service to the Motherland. You have earned the highest authority among the Cubans and the use of their sincere love. If your direct involvement between the two nations were formed warm and trusting relationship, the test of time and trials.

Russian Orthodox Church has always remembered with gratitude to be about your personal contribution to the building of the Russian church in Havana, the sincere concern that you had a community of our fellow citizens. Inspired by your personal example, Cubans are always with cordiality are children of the Russian Orthodox Church, with interest get acquainted with our spiritual traditions.

With warm memories of our meetings.

I wish you and your family good health, strength and longevity of the fortress.

 Sincerely yours, 


Mr. Kirill,  
"Longevity of the fortress"? Does that translate to, "God grant you many years? "Why do you bless a mass murderer who keeps innocents imprisoned and his people in poverty? 

ROCOR who returned to communion with the Moscow Patriarcate,
What do you say to the thousands of Cuban refuges in America and elsewhere, who fled the murderous tyranny and oppression of  Fidel Castro, while your friend in Moscow honors him?

An estimated 30,000 people were murdered, many executed by Castro's firing squads, including 50+ Americans. How can this be  honorable in eyes of Mr. Kirill unless such a "diplomatic" approach is meant to garner more power and stature for World Orthodoxy?

Mr.Kirill, Even the Protestants know to ask the question, WWJD- "What Would Jesus Do?" Our Lord certainly would not commend such a man as you have. Your darkened heart continues to be displayed to the world...and the blind follow.



  1. My mind is made. Reunion with the MP was a mistake.

  2. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Hmm. Is Patriarch Kirill playing politics in the interest of furthering Russian Orthodox interests in Cuba? Surely, he doesn't believe any of this drivel.


  3. Anonymous7:02 PM

    On the other hand, it isn't good to side with evil even in the interest of furthering good. Isn't that sergianism?


  4. Timothy K7:49 PM

    Unfortunately, the Church is filled with useful idiots amongst the hierarchs. We have hierarchs who at the expense of fellow Christians in Palestine and the Middle East, criticize Israel but have absolutely nothing to say on the Palestinian authorities persecuting Christians in more direct ways such as prosecuting apostates from Islam as well as placing more restrictions on the Church than Israel has placed. We have hierarchs who praise Islam at the expense of Christians in the Middle East as well as the legacy of the saints.

    We should be wary of many of these idiots too.

  5. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I'm not sure that Kirill is a useful idiot - he is much worse than that, he has chosen the path he is following and has infiltrated the Orthodox Church in order to destroy it. Pray God that his schemes will be defeated.


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