Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Chat with Agafangel

(Some google translate errors)
RN: Master Bless. Thank you for accepting my friend request. I appreciate your call for unity within the body of Christ. In keeping with that goal...Are you aware that a parishioner, under the pastorate of Father Gregory Williams, is publicly, via her blog Remnant Rocor, and under your name, is accusing your fellow Bishop, Metropolitan John LoBue and one of his priests, of Occult practices? Is this by your approval and is this your position?
Remnant ROCOR: Occult in world-orthodoxy
Tuesday 1:16pm

MA: I do not know. You turned to the priest Gregory Williams?
RN: Master Bless. Thank you for your gracious and quick response. Yes. He has indicated that he is at a loss with this woman, who also has attacked him. Please read my thorough expose' on this woman's acitvities under the banner of your name.
Journey To Orthodoxy: Blogger Troll Confesses To Criminal Record- "Big deal"

MA: I, unfortunately, do not speak English. I find it hard to understand all the details. I think it can make a priest Gregory Williams.

[I begin to use Google Translate in Russian}

RN: Thank you, Master. I hope that this translation is adequate. You can also use Google translate on the blog I posted. Father Gregory was not able to reduce the negative activities of this woman that she is doing in your name. Do you have Maverick female blogger engaged independent poisonous discourse under the banner of your ministry. It causes discord among brethren, have been undermining the church, you are looking to protect. It has become a de facto spokesman for the English-speaking world through it a couple of blogs. She enlists the aide of men, not under your pastors, to help her in the personal destruction of characters godly people. It reports to no one, not even you, as she says, to jurisdictions and bishops, as one of your members. Her most recent work is to accuse Metropolitan John of occult activity. I appeal to you to help, for the peace of the Church of Christ and the good reputation of the church you pastor.
MA: Send me an e-mail. I will send to his father Gregory Williams. We can make a statement that this source does not belong to our church.
RN: Master Bless! I will send you by email. Pray for me, a sinner!
Wednesday 12:44pm

RN: Master Bless! I emailed you requested.
MA: Thank you, I received your letter. Send to his father Gregory Williams and I will wait for his reply.

Chat Conversation End

Dear Father Gregory... we are still waiting...

UPDATE: Father Gregory died unexpectedly in September of 2016. 

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