Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sheriff Incident Report- Intimidation, Assault

A recent photo posted on the blog, operated by Minas Michael Christie, has prompted the filing of an Incident Report with the Rutherford County Tennessee Sheriff's Department. The photo posted by Christie is of JTO Administrator Nathan Lee Lewis, with what appears to be a bloody bullet hole in his head. Previous photos depicted a wanted poster of Lewis, claiming he is "dangerous', a photo of a man holding a severed head beside a photo of Lewis, and photos of what Christie thought was Lewis' house, with instructions on how to find his address.

Christie, who has a multiple criminal arrest record and an extensive civil infraction record, is the blog partner of Joanna Higginbotham and Father Gregory Williams on the Remnant ROCOR blog. Higginbotham and Gregory are under Bishop Agafangel and Christie is part of a GOC church in Florida. Both Higginbotham and Gregory have refused repeated appeals to disassociate themselves from Christie. To his credit, Christie's own priest (name withheld) confronted Christie asking him to remove his vitriolic, profane, and threatening blog. Christie refused. It is not clear if any ecclesiastical action had been taken toward Christie.

Lewis, considering the post as a threat, initially contacted the Pinellas County Florida Sheriff's Department and made a phone report. He was referred to the Saint Petersberg Florida police department, who suggested he make an initial report with the Tennessee Sheriff, then the Saint Petersberg PD would consider action.

The following is the Incident Report filed with the Rutherford County Tennessee Sheriff' Department:

The Tennessee Sheriff Detective personally contacted the Saint Petersberg, Florida Police Department, who determined that, due to the distance, there was no current immediate threat. The Saint Petersberg Police detective investigating the incident recommended that the matter be referred to the Pinellas County Prosecuting Attorney's office to initiate an investigation under:

CRIMES Chapter 784

Title XLVI deals with various Cyber Crimes and Misdemeanors. The detective also recommended monitoring Christie's blog and to contact them again should other such threatening messages be posted.

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