Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prayer For A Soldier

JTO readers may remember the posting of letters from one of our brave soldiers fighting in Iraq. The series of five letters ( 1 2 3 4 5 ) written from the field of battle were inspirational as this Christian Soldier came face to face with his own mortality and saw the hand of God at work in every situation. We all prayed for the safe return of Sergeant Daniel Nuoffer and God answered our prayers. Sergeant Nuoffer returned safely from his second tour in Iraq, married a single mother of two young children becoming a father and husband. The very week Daniel brought his new wife and children to his base in Alaska he was rushed to the hospital in great pain. He was diagnosed with abdominal cancer.

I received a call from Daniel today. He was in the middle of his second round of Chemotherapy. His hopes are high but so is the pain he is enduring. I asked for Daniel's permission to post this prayer request. Please pray for his healing and also pray for his new wife and young children.

I will keep you posted on the new battle that this brave soldier is fighting. Perhaps when he feels stronger he will send new letters from the front.

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